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Rajgarh Classic Green - MUDITA
Rajgarh Classic Green - MUDITA
Rajgarh Classic Green - MUDITA
Rajgarh Classic Green - MUDITA

Folklore Tea

Rajgarh Classic Green - MUDITA

Rs. 85.00
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A unique flavorful pan-fried green tea from the plains of Assam. The large wiry leaves produce a pale green liquor with a mild toasty and fruity flavor. The higher percentage of white buds present in the tea further makes the flavor complex and rich in taste.

Overall, it is a non-bitter toasty green tea with nuances of fresh greens.

Ingredients: Naturally organic whole leaf green tea

Condiments: Drink plain | Honey | Lemon

Category: Green Tea 



I am known across seas and continents.

Cities and countries know who I am,

And also the people living within it.

I am known for the color of nature.

I bring about good health and well-being,

I make my people calm and happy.

I live for the happiness and delight of others,

I am Mudita.


Exceptionally local and natural ingredients

All our teas are naturally organic and 100% chemical free. The flavors used in flavored teas are natural flavorings that are extracted from natural fruits and herbs.

Steeping Guide

1. Take around 100 ml of fresh drinking water and bring it to a desired temperature between 80 to 100 degree celsius. Please make sure the water doesn't achieve a very temperature.

2. Take 2-3 grams of your favorite folklore tea leaves and place in an infuser.

3. Pour the hot water into the infuser and let the tea leaves steep for about 90 seconds. Please do not over steep the tea leaves.

4. Strain out the wet tea leaves and your tea is ready. 

Rajgarh Classic Green - MUDITA

Rajgarh Classic Green - MUDITA

Rs. 85.00
  • Can we boil the leaves in water or milk?

    No. Please do not boil the tea leaves either in water or milk. Please read the steps to brew your fresh and favorite cup of tea in the description section. 

  • Can we re-steep the leaves?

    Yes, certainly you can re-steep the tea leaves. But the time between re-steeping shouldn't exceed more than 30 mins from the first steep. 

    Re-steeping is not recommended for the flavored teas. However, all our classic teas can be steeped for a maximum of 2 infusions. Our white teas can be re-steeped for a maximum of 4 infusions.

    Note: The taste of re-steeped tea would differ from person to person and the tasting notes of the tea changes in every infusions. 

  • Are all the ingredients used are organic certified?

    All our teas are organic and natural. Our small tea farmers are practicing organic farm since decades but some of them doesn't have an organic certification. 

    All our tea plants are 100% natural and chemical free. In case of flavored teas, all the flavoring are 100% natural.