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Growers club

Creating experimental batch teas; not curating

With a dynamic drift towards urbanization, it is hard to imagine the artisanal small tea growers not being able to handover this living legacy to their successors. This shift might most certainly lead to shortages of labour and an aging population. Will there be a fraction of population interested in tea cultivation anymore. To re-enliven the glory of this art and make tea making attractive, the creative side needs to be explored for appealing to the interests of the future generation to continue this legacy.

Aiming at reaching towards the larger goal, we are working towards developing a new line of experimental teas. Every two months the club shall be curated and hosted by one grower who will present one experimental run of the limitedly produced batch of tea. This would not yield any economic benefits to the grower, however this is an encouragement and an appreciation of what they are trying to accomplish. This lot is not contended at what they have, they want to go out and do more and need a tiny bit of support to make them realize it.

As it is produced at a very limited quantity of not more than 2-3kgs, it is not available in our shop teas section. The members can order this tea via/ from this section. Also, orders would be accepted until stocks last. Grower of the next two months will be declared in the previous month and orders would be accepted by 15th of every month. The club members will receive 6-8 servings of finely crafted single origin teas curated by these progressive small tea growers. Every sip will take you to a little journey to a tea garden.

Oxomiya Green Tips

Oxomiya Green Tips is an early spring pan-roasted green tea that was plucked during the very initial days of growth after the long winter dormancy.

The beautiful and tightly rolled leaves produce a clear light green liquor with notes of fresh beans and toasted nuts. It is made using two cultivars and the percentage of buds ranges from 30-35%.

Season: Spring 2021, Total quantity made: 1.5 kgs

Net weight : 40 grams | 20 cups, retail pack

Club tea of the month

Petrichor - autumn batch oolong

Stepping out from the regulars, a large leaf oolong made using a mix of three cultivars of Camelia Sinensis, Assamica Var. The dew droplets accumulated tender buds and leaves were plucked early morning. The leaves undergo a mix of indoor and outdoor withering followed by hand-shaping and natural oxidation for a certain period of time which develops the flavor of this tea. The buds and large tippy leaves produce a mellow tasting liquor with beautiful floral notes of autumn flowers.

Petrichor is an experimental batch oolong tea and is only available until the stock lasts. This tea is a collaborative work of Folklore Tea and our very talented tea artisan, Mr. Birinci from Naharkatia, Assam.

Season: Autumn 2020, Total quantity made: 2 kgs

Net weight : 50 grams, retail pack


In a distant land where the sun rises,

And a light mist decends after days of waiting.

Little pearls of Parijat bequeathed to the earth the night prior,

That is when I spread my wings of nostalgia.

Some say I smell like night jasmine,

Others say I smell like earth

I am a bit of both, I am Petrichor

Request Farm Visit

Did you spent time with a tea grower's family?

All our tea farms are environed by warm-hearted people to welcome you to be a part of the tea-growing community.

To book a farm visit please click on the button below.

What includes in farm visit?

Tea farm visits are experiential stays at a local setting that includes tea processing workshops, local food and fabric workshops, local tours of the villages herein and of course the love and affection from the amicable families of our growers and workers.


Experiential Stay

Your stay will be arranged at a community-led cottage run by a Buddhist monastery. The monastery was built by Thai community migrated hundreds of years ago from the province of Thailand. The cottages are constructed using local vernacular materials, we would love to tell you more about it on your visit.


Tea Workshops

During your stay, you will attend a two-day workshop on tea processing. The workshop will include a hands-on experience of every step of the tea making process, from harvesting leaves to producing tea. The workshop shall be conducted by one of our grower partners. By the end of the workshop, you shall be brewing your self-processed tea and take some back with you as a memory from your visit and of the time spent at the garden.


Cooking with the locals

As part of the workshop, a community dinner will be arranged, where you shall participate in cooking ethnic dishes local to region. The idea of the dinner is to share about the material and non-material culture of the Assamese community followed by a bonfire discussion and some delicious homemade Assamese smoked rice beer.


Local Tours

Local tours will include visits to farmers’ villages, tea farms and paddy fields and other local destinations. The primary idea of the local tours is to bring about the vibrant rural lifestyles in these villages and a provide positive experiences for both, the visitor and the host.